Zurich Meditation and Free Play Improvisation
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Meditation and Free Play is about spontaneous freedom in art and life. It is a practice for life!
Meditation enable us to see and act in the world in a posture of freedom.
So we meet every week and start with a short session of guided Free Awareness meditation . Then, and only then, we start our Awakened Communication. After a the talk we continue for a longer session of meditation, and then end the evening with improvisation and a Free Play Jam Session.
The meeting take place every Thursday in Shanti Jay Zurich, and it is totally FREE - A Karma Yoga of Shanti Jay and Good Reality.
In this video clip, you can see how we start our Jam Session... (With Marlen Groher, Martina Fleetwood, Kilian Raetzo, Fabio from Shanti Unity, and Eagle de Botton )
You may join our group in facebook at; facebook.com/groups/meditation.and.free.play/
and we are also in meetup; meetup.com/Meditation-and-Free-Play/

Thanks to Marlen Groher for the iPhone video.
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Date: 2014-04-02 21:12:54
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