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Jessica Roemischer - Piano Beautiful to the deepest part of yourself. part 1.
Jessica Roemischer talk with Eagle de Botton about Piano Beautiful, and how she introduces her students to a place of total freedom and no fear. It is a discovery of a wonderful way to reach the deepest part of yourself.
Date: 2011-01-23 22:42:41
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an talk with Jessica Roemischer - Piano Beautiful - part 2
Getting to know the deepest part of yourself is a profound, life changing event. Discovering the place of no-fear and total freedom opens the door to endless possibilities. In this video dialog, Jessica Roemischer describes to Eagle de Botton how she brings her students and many others to that place through music.
More about Jessica Roemischer and her work at
an talk for GoodReality.
a non profit organization dedicated to support and facilitate Conscious Service.
Date: 2011-01-23 22:40:49
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Awakened Relationship - Music
The Piano Duet Paradigm – A New Possibility for Human Life
Jessica Roemischer talks with Eagle de Botton about the human condition and her vision of a world where human relationships are free from our often unconscious drive for wholeness.
In her “Piano Duet ParadigmTM” Jessica uses musical duet improvisation to make the experience of completion possible. Sitting side-by-side at the piano, she creates the conditions whereby individuals encounter, often for the first time, who they truly are.
Date: 2011-01-21 19:37:16
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Awakened Relationship - Music
Integral Heart Education Project in Gualemala
Débora Prieto is living in Guatemala with her husband, author of The Uncommon Path, Mick Quinn. They are involved in many projects to improve life conditions of the local population. By taking the integral approach, Débora introduce Meditation, Big Mind, and leading edge teaching of Philosophy, and Evolutionary Spirituality to her students, creating leaders for generations to come. is a Non Profit organization to support and facilitate Conscious Service. The Integral Heart Education Project is a GoodReality featured Conscious Service activity.
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Integral Education


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