Awakening to The Uncommon Path - Chapter 10 - The Second Insight - Reclaim Your Consciousness
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The composition of your values and their arrangement is essential to your awakening. It is all about the power of great decision-making that is becoming available to you at that stage. Values are core structures by which you make all major decisions. You value what you aware to, and consider to be important. The more you consider something as essential, the more that its value will be evidenced in your life and actions.
Since you already possess the qualities necessary for your awakening, the arrangement of those existing values is the key to manifesting your awakening.
If you really wish to be free, the arrangement of your values must be capable of directing such a pure intention, and it must have this value on top of other in order for it to manifest.
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Date: 2011-01-28 21:41:32
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